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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Angela Huggins, and I'm with Green River Property Management. Are you a realtor with a listening that's struggling to sell right now? Well, we would like to offer you and your seller the opportunity to work with us at Green River Property Management. We are a full service property management company in the Jacksonville, Florida area. We have two options available to you and your customers.
The first of which is a full service property management agreement. If your customer signs up for this, you would receive a five hundred and fifty five dollar referral fee. Once the tenant is placed in the property. We will fully manage the property for your customer. And that would entail everything from marketing, signing leases, collecting rent, dealing with evictions, doing inspections, handling maintenance and so forth.
The second option that's available is a tenant placement only, that's if your customer chooses to manage the property on their own. They can do that and we would market the property fine and vet a tenant and then provide them a full lease and hand the customer back to them and they would manage the property. For this referral, you would receive two hundred and twenty two dollars, once the tenant is placed in the property. We want you to feel comfortable with this service and this opportunity. We will be providing you a contract so that you can ensure that your customer will come back to you when they're ready to sell the property.
We hope that we can work with you and we look forward to talking to you. If you have any questions or are interested in this service, please contact me. Angela at (904) 712-3443 or Chris our Business Development Manager at (904) 807-8331. Thanks, have a great day and stay healthy.

Did you know?

Green River Property Management offers a $555 or $222 referral fee to any licensed Realtor®.

Do you have clients with a home that just won’t sell? Let us help! Refer them to our team, and we'll help them rent the property while they build more equity into their home.

How to get in touch with us?

1. Fill out the referral form to the right and someone will get in touch with you as soon as your submission is received.

2. Call or text Kellie Grande, our business development manager, at 904.830.4163.

3. Send us an email at

When they are ready to sell again, we’ll send them back to YOU!

You’re guaranteed $555 when they sign a Full Service Management Agreement with Green River Property Management.

Does your client need some help with their rental, but they don't need a Full-time Property Manager? We can still help!

If your client needs help securing a tenant (including full marketing, tenant screening, executing a lease, and coordinating the move-in process), we do offer a Placement Only agreement. As a licensed agent, you are guaranteed $222 when they sign a Placement Only agreement.

You’re also GUARANTEED that we’ll send your clients back to you when they’re ready to sell.

At Green River Property Management, we provide full-service property management services in the Jacksonville and surrounding areas.