10 Tips For Handling Property Maintenance

10 Tips For Handling Property Maintenance

Handling property maintenance requests can be one of the more stressful aspects of managing rental properties.

To shorten your learning curve, here are ten tips for handling property maintenance Jacksonville FL straight from the mouths of property management pros.

Tip 1. Develop your go-to contractor list.

This can be a huge time-saver, especially if you have multiple properties in different service areas. Whether you use a multi-purpose handyman or specialists, keeping your contractor list handy can simplify the process of providing property maintenance services.

Tip 2. Set up a rental property maintenance slush fund.

This is a near-guaranteed de-stressor for when those unexpected rental property maintenance requests start to come pouring in. It is especially vital if any of your rental properties have older appliances or structural issues you are watching closely.

Tip 3. Develop a detailed rental lease with clear lessor/lessee responsibilities.

Your rental lease is one of the biggest protective resources you have when handling tenant property maintenance requests. It can keep you from having to make repairs clearly caused by tenant negligence.

Tip 4. Keep records of every single repair.

We know this sounds tedious, but you will be thankful when tax time rolls around! The business may be able to write off many of the expenses involved in maintaining your rental properties. But you can only reap tax breaks or credits if you are able to document those expenses.

Tip 5. Be sure to do an initial walk-through to establish a baseline.

That detailed initial walk-through checklist can come in handy later when a questionable tenant maintenance request rolls in. The initial walk-through is also a good time to explain how you handle maintenance requests (triage, 24-hour notice, emergencies versus non-emergencies, tenant versus landlord responsibilities, etc.).

Tip 6. Do your own preventative maintenance due diligence.

By performing preventative maintenance and doing at least annual walk-throughs of each property, you can nip lots of maintenance issues in the bud before they become bigger and pricier.

Tip 7. Keep it all as simple as possible.

From landscaping to painting, tiles to window blinds, the simpler you keep your contributions to the decor and ambience of each property, the easier maintenance will be to keep up with.

Tip 8. Always keep the lines of communication open.

Not all property maintenance requests are simple to accommodate. You may need to gather quotes, seek out a particular specialist, wait on weather for outside repair needs and other factors. Throughout, just be sure you keep in touch with your tenant so there is no chance for misunderstanding or frustration to develop.

Tip 9. Buy yourself time with long-life fixtures and automatic features.

Using long-life light bulbs, batteries and HVAC filters can reduce the time and expense of routine property maintenance. Similarly, automatic fans, safety lighting and other automatic features can protect your property even if your tenant is not that vigilant.

Tip 10. Know when it is time to bring in the pros.

Property maintenance and management can be a full-time job. If you already have one of those, it may be time to call in the pros to give you a helping hand.

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