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Green River Property Management CRMC®

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The CRMC Audit was conducted on Collins Realty Services, Inc., DBA Green River Property Management.  The company office is located in Jacksonville, FL, which is in the north-central part of Florida.  The office is in a s... read more >>

Should I accept Section 8?

Good afternoon. It's Kris with Green River Property Management. I just wanted to hop on here real quick and do kind of like a part two to a previous video I did that was directed towards our tenants, letting them know that we ... read more >>

What is our Tenant Takeover Service?

Good afternoon, it's Kris with Green River Property Management, and I just wanted to take a minute to talk to you guys today about your options. If you have already placed a tenant in your property, but now you're realizin... read more >>

What is the pet guarantee, and do you screen pets?

Here at Green River Property Management, we strive to provide the best possible value to our clients. Whether you’re an experienced investor or a landlord just starting out, chances are that you’ve asked yourself, &ldq... read more >>

Beat the Heat: The Essential Summer Landlord Checklist

Summer is fast approaching, and a Florida summer brings its own set of challenges. As a landlord in the Greater Jacksonville area, you’ll need to prepare for some summertime property maintenance pitfalls.Heat, humidity,... read more >>

10 Tips For Handling Property Maintenance

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Handling property maintenance requests can be one of the more stressful aspects of managing rental properties.To shorten your learning curve, here are ten tips for handling property maintenance Jacksonville FL straight from the mo... read more >>