Why Green River Property Management is the Gold Standard for Jacksonville property management!

Hi, everyone, I just wanted to take a quick minute to go over some of the badges or certifications that you'll find on the Green River property management website. 

RPM - Residential Management Professional

So the first one that you might have come across is the RMP designation. And what that stands for is residential management professional. So in order to obtain that certification, you actually have to show that you've managed at least one hundred units over a two year period. 

MPM - Master Property Manager

So once we knocked that one out of the park, we were actually able to move on to the MPM designation, which is the master property manager. So our broker was able to qualify for that. And what that means is that you already have your RMP and you actually then are able to show that you've had at least 500 units managed over a year period. And this really shows that you're dedicated to enhancing your skill set and bettering the industry and better serving your clients as a whole. 

CRMC - Certified Residential Management Company

So once you've accomplished that, you're actually able to move onto the CRMC badge, which we also have on our website, and that stands for Certified Residential Management Company. And there are a few things that you have to do and able to qualify for this. And they do hold this as kind of the gold standard for the industry because this is the highest designation that you can receive through NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers) itself. 

So you have to be advanced in the sense that you have to have at least one mpm on your staff. In addition to that, you also have to be accomplished and able to show that you have at least 500 unit years of management experience in your area. For us, it's the Jacksonville area. The last thing that you have to do is you have to be approved. So you actually have to complete and pass a full audit process where they actually send an auditor to your office. 

Why are Certifications and Designations Important When Hiring a Property Management Company?

So once you tackle all of those, you'll be able to display the badges like we have on our website, and you'll be able to let people know that you're really dedicated to doing this the right way and serving them as best you can. So if you guys have any questions on any of our designations, what they mean and how they can help us better serve you, I'll have my contact information down below. Feel free to reach out to directly to me. Have a great one. Meet Our Team

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