5 Ways To Retain Great Tenants

5 Ways To Retain Great Tenants

Rental properties can be a great way for you to generate an extra stream of income each month. While this is a great way to get ahead financially, you need to know what you are getting yourself into. One of the biggest issues with owning rental properties is vacancy in your rental property. One of the best ways to combat against vacancy in your rental property is to retain great tenants. This is also a good way of ensuring that your property will not be greatly damaged by tenants whom you do not trust. When you find great tenants, hold on to them. Here are five tips that will help you retain great tenants.

Make it easy and stress-free to pay rent

When your tenants are dreading rent day, it is going to be hard for them to want to stay in your property. This is why you want to have rent day as stress-free as possible. With digital tools like PayPal and Venmo, paying rent can be done easily from a smartphone. This will make it simple for your tenants to take care of rent on their terms. You won't have to go knocking on their door while stressing them out. A rental property management company can also help you with payment solutions.

Be friendly but also professional

It is important to be friendly to the tenants that respect you and your property. However, you also need to still appear professional to your tenants. It is important to have a business relationship with your tenants in order to make sure that payments are made on time and lines between friendship and business aren't blurred. A rental property management company could help you to be more professional if you have an issue with being too friendly at times.

Keep communication open

When there is good communication, you will be able to help tenants fix their issues quickly and effectively. This will help them feel like they are being heard. Also, this will give them the feeling like they want to stay where they are already comfortable. Without good communication, your tenants can feel disconnected. It will be easier for them to just leave and rent a new place because they have no connection to you as the property owner. The better communication you have, the better chance you will have of retaining your good tenants.

Make sure you respond to request quickly and effectively

If your tenants have requests about any repairs that need to be made on the house, make sure that you respond to that request right away. This will help you build trust with your tenants. They will want to stay in your rental property because they know that their requests will get taken care of quickly and effectively. The faster you respond to their requests, the easier time you will have retaining your best tenants.

Keep your property maintained and updated

Nobody wants to live in a home that is outdated and not maintained. It is important that you always make the proper maintenance based repairs that will keep your home looking new. When you maintain your home, you are making an investment that will help keep your tenants happy. Keeping your home up to date with the latest design trends can also be a big help in retaining your tenants.

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