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Calling all Realtors - a Referral Program Just for You!

Calling all Realtors - a Referral Program Just for You!

We are calling all Realtors! We’ve got exciting news, and you don’t want to miss out. Green River Property Management has created its very own unique Realtor Referral Program.

Green River understands that realtors are at the heart of the real estate investment industry. It’s realtors just like you who connect investors with real estate opportunities that fuel their livelihood. But making the purchase is only a piece of the investment puzzle. Once an investor buys a piece of real estate, there’s a ton of work that goes into prepping the property and performing ongoing maintenance. This is where we come into the picture. Green River specializes in first-class property management services, and we’re always on the lookout for new clients.

As a realtor who comes into contact with investors on a daily basis, this puts you in a unique position to bring property owners to our door. Imagine not only helping investors close on an investment opportunity, but also directing them to a company that provides superior property management services. You can when you join our Realtor Referral Program. Even better, you earn a commission each time one of your referrals signs a contract with us.

Even hands-on landlords and investors can significantly benefit from teaming up with a property management company. From screening tenants to performing maintenance tasks to collecting rent payments, a property management company takes the hassle out of managing rental properties.

Investors who partner with property management companies readily attest to the fact that the services are well worth the cost. A property management company has expert knowledge in knowing how to screen out problematic tenants before giving them a chance to sign a rental contract. They spend hour after hour sorting through thousands of tenant applications, and they understand the red flags to look for. As a result, landlords can rest assured as they secure reliable tenants for their properties.

Advising your clients to team up with a property management company is also a smart move because it gives them a mediator of sorts. The landlord no longer has to serve as the primary point of contact for all tenant concerns and inquiries. Instead, a property management services provider can address questions and concerns around the clock with no need to bother the landlord or property owner in most instances.

Showing your clients that you care about their investments is the best way to build long-term relationships with them. It becomes much easier to highlight your genuine care and concern when you point them in the direction of a property management company. You're showing them that you care about the profits they can make off of their investments. How? Property management companies know tips and tricks for keeping tenants happy, which increases tenant satisfaction and helps ensure rental payments are made on time, every time. Plus, the happier tenants are, the more likely they are to sign an ongoing rental lease instead of finding another place to live.

Ultimately, when you send referrals to Green River, you are taking the headache out of owning rental properties. You're saying to your clients, "Hey, not only can I help you close on an awesome real estate investment opportunity, but I can also connect you with a team of professionals who will manage all aspect of your property." All along, you're making money not only from the real estate deal but from the referral, as well! 

Learn more about our fantastic Realtor Referral Program, just click this button.

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