How to Win Tenants with Your Property Listing

When you're a landlord, your rental property's listing is probably one of the most important things you'll ever write. 

How you describe your property can attract—or repel—quality tenants

You could have the most beautiful house on the street. It's packed with desirable amenities. The house is every renter's dream home. 

But if you fail to describe it in a way that catches the attention of an excellent tenant, your home will sit empty. An empty property means you're losing money. 

An effective property listing for your Jacksonville area home doesn't have to stress you out. Today we'll walk through what makes a property listing that works. 

Start With the Basics

The first thing to do is make a list of every feature in your rental property. 

You don't have to craft it into prose just yet. For now, just make a list of the most important things about your home. 

  • What will attract a quality tenant?
  • How many rooms?
  • How many square feet? 
  • Does the property have a garage? 
  • Are pets allowed?
  • Is there a washer and dryer? 
  • Is the property located near an airport, restaurants, parks, the beach, etc.?
  • Does it have a security system? 
  • Is there a pool?
  • What's the rental price?

After you've made a list of the best selling features about your property, it's time to start writing. 

Be Accurate

Your listing description should include enough descriptors to make the property sound like a wonderful place to live. 

However, be careful not to overdo it with too many adjectives or embellishments. Your potential tenants need to see the same home in person that they'll first read about online through your listing. 

Don't create a better house online than the house that exists in real life. 

Also, be careful not to hide critical information. However, while you want to be accurate, you also don't have to list every flaw with your property. 

Be sure to disclose essential things that could affect a tenant's decision. If your property isn't located near any schools, save a family with school-age kids the hassle by noting that your property isn't close to schools. 

Describe It Rather Than State It

Turn statements into descriptions. Tell a story about your property. 

You'll attract quality tenants by telling them why your property meets their needs for the right price. 

  • Instead of saying "this house has a pool," say "this property features a pool large enough to relax with family or friends while the sun shines brightly."
  • Try "your small dog will feel right at home in the fenced backyard" instead of "pets are welcome."
  • Show excitement about nearby amenities. "This property is only a short ride-share away from Jacksonville's international airport. When you're home, enjoy plenty of restaurants within walking distance of your front door."

You can talk a tenant into wanting to know more about your property by the way you word your listing. You can also talk a tenant out of wanting to connect with you if your property sounds like the landlord doesn't care about it. 

Use Professional Photos

In addition to wordsmithing the best features of your property, use professional photos to support the listing visually. 

When you talk about that pool for hosting friends and family, show a high-quality photo of the pool and patio area.

Avoid using quick photos that you took with your phone. A great listing needs to be well-written with excellent photos that highlight the best aspects of your rental property. 

Highlight Yourself

Do you provide great service as a landlord? Is there something you do or about the property that helps it stand out from other nearby rentals? Let them know! 

  • Mention how long you've managed the property as a rental. Experience as a trusted landlord goes a long way as an amenity. 
  • Talk about recent upgrades to the property. Did you recently replace the roof or add a new air-conditioning system? Did you add new appliances?
  • Do you have solar panels? Low energy costs can attract good tenants. 
  • Do you offer online payments and maintenance requests?

Let a Professional Tell Your Story

If writing isn't your thing, let the professionals tell the story of your rental property. 

The best Jacksonville property management company knows how to craft the best listing for your property. When you partner with Green River Property Management, we always show your property in the best light. 

We know how to highlight a property's best features with a listing description and high-quality, professional photos. 

We can also handle everything from posting your property listing to showing your property and screening tenants. We do all the hard work to make your life as a landlord as stress-free as it can be. 

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