Pandemic Update from an Expert on Jacksonville Property Management

At Green River Property Management we understand many have been hit hard during this time. We, too, have seen a decrease in net profits like many management firms and landlords across the US. Loss in profits can be attributed to many things including the inability to charge late fees for an extended period of time, lack of on-time rental payments, etc. See what our Founder, Mike Collins, has to say about the effects people are feeling across the Jacksonville market. 

However, we have seen many DIY landlords struggle to collect any profits at all. Although we have experienced a decrease, we are proud to say that some of the systems we put in place early on in the pandemic have paid off. The vast majority of our occupants (tenants) are up to date on their rent, and many of those that are not are on a documented payment plan. If you're interested in what YOU can do to protect yourself from loss of profit during the pandemic, check out our other video covering the 5 things you can do to protect yourself during the eviction ban.

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CDC issues halt on evictions nationwide through December

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