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Realtor Referral Programs: Building Your Reputation and Your Business

As a realtor, your reputation is everything.  Though much research is done online, a realtor gains as much business by word of mouth as they can through their online and marketing presence.  That’s why partnering with a great property management company can be a great long-term investment as well as a way to score immediate benefits.

Referral programs provide you and your client flexibility in a less than ideal housing market as well show your ability to be a resource to them in their time of need.  When a realtor can provide reliable options to selling it builds your client’s trust in you, which will build your reputation and your business.

Building Trust Through Flexible, Reliable Options

The housing market in Jacksonville, FL and throughout the US has changed with millennials coming on the scene and looking to rent more often than buy.  This change in the market has forced realtors to become more flexible in how they keep themselves afloat.  Rather than just providing a top-notch marketing and sales background to get a property to sell, a good realtor will find a way to become a resource for different aspects of housing.

A partnership with a Jacksonville property management team adds to that list of resources, especially for a client who’s not able to sell their property.  With referral programs, your client is presented with flexible options, making the sale of their home less stressful and putting more trust in you.  

For example, Rosa needs to relocate for work.  Her company has helped her find housing in her new state, so all that’s left for her to do is to sell her current home. Unfortunately, her Jacksonville area property isn’t selling for the amount she was hoping.  Rosa feels trapped under the weight of her old home and won’t be able to maintain two mortgages at the same time.  She’s looking at selling the house at a loss and dealing with the consequences as she starts her training in her new position.

As her realtor, you now have the chance to prove yourself as a resource.  You advise Rosa that you can refer her to a property management team to take care of, and rent out her home until the housing market improves, as well as allow her to build equity in the house.  Rosa feels that weight being lifted off of her shoulders and as her home rents and builds equity she realizes her trust in you was well placed.  Later, the housing market has improved, and the well-maintained property can sell for more than what it was worth when Rosa first bought the property.  Though Rosa no longer lives in Jacksonville, her friends and family do, and she is happy to recommend you as their new realtor. 

The Boomerang Effect

Referral programs benefit you in the short-term, and the long-term and what you put into your referral business comes back to you and then some.

Referral programs like the one you’ll find with Green River Property Management want to reward you in the short term for recommending their business.  Often there is a flat fee paid to you once the management team has signed a client and the home is rented.  With a quality property management program this will happen quickly, and though you lose out on a sale in the short term, you’ve gained a profit and built a partnership.

This partnership pays you back in the long term as well.  Green River Property Management and other referral programs like it guarantee that you maintain the listing of any properties you refer to them.  Your goodwill and trust in the property management team has now come back to you and improved over time.  By investing in this process, you’re able to guarantee a sale further down the road, and possibly at a better commission than if you had you tried to help your client sell right away.

Make the Property Management Team Work for You

As a realtor in Jacksonville, FL you may be part of a company that has a property management team built in, but that doesn’t always mean you have to use them. Because your company has a fallback in their brokerage side, their property management team might not meet the level of excellence you want to provide your client.  With a referral program like Green River Property Management’s, you can choose which company you refer your client to independent of yourself, making the property management team work to earn your business.  

Green River Property Management know that rewarding you with a flat referral fee isn’t good enough to keep your business.  If we wish for you to work with us consistently, then your clients and their property need to be well taken care of, so you have a reason to invest in the long-term return.

If you would like to grow your Jacksonville, FL real estate business with flexible options through property management, invest in a long-term return in a guaranteed future listing, and create a mutually beneficial partnership for you, your client, and us, click below and refer your first client today!

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