What is our Tenant Takeover Service?

Good afternoon, it's Kris with Green River Property Management, and I just wanted to take a minute to talk to you guys today about your options. If you have already placed a tenant in your property, but now you're realizing maybe you do want help from a professional property manager. So here at Green River, we have a service called the tenant takeover. So that will enable us to actually go ahead and start managing your property while you have the tenant that you've already placed in there. So our tenant take over service is two hundred and fifty dollars and that comes with a professional 360 degree inspection interior and exterior at the time of takeover. So no matter what the case says, maybe you didn't have inspections going or you didn't have the best quality inspections going before at that time. We'll go ahead and get you a thorough property inspection, and that does a few things for you. One, it enables you to, if you haven't seen it, and get a good look at the property and see exactly what the status of everything is. Maybe there's some underlying maintenance issues that the tenant hadn't reported. So we'll be able to get a good handle of everything that's going on there. And it also protects you moving forward. So then we'll have a great starting point for what the property looks like at the time of takeover. So if there are any tenant damages from that point forward,  we'll actually be able to recoup those costs against the security deposit that will have an escrow. So there's a lot of benefits to getting that takeover inspection. And then also, what's going to be included with the tenant takeover is delivering a change of management notice to the tenant. So that means someone at our office will go out and actually deliver a notice to them to let them know that we will be the main contact moving forward and let them know that will now be managed by professional property manager. So maybe some of the stuff they are getting by with is not going to fly anymore, because now you've got someone to come in there and kind of take the reins for you. So we'll get all of those things taken care of and obviously we'll reach up to the tenant, let them know what is going on. And then, of course, that covers the onboarding of all of your information, your property information and all of the information for your tenant. If you guys are interested in this or have any other questions, feel free to contact me. My direct phone number is 904-830-4157. You can call or text that number. And then my email is going to be Kris@greenriverpm.com. And I will link all of my information below. Feel free to shoot me a text, email, whatever. Get in touch with me and we'll see how we can help you. Have a great afternoon.


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