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Say goodbye to maintenance headaches, once and for all. Our team coordinates repairs with tenants, handles work orders and invoicing, and makes certain that completed work meets our internal standards. We offer prompt repair services by being available 24/7 for our tenants. We quickly evaluate the repair request to identify if it is an emergency or non-emergency repair, saving you time and money while protecting your assets.

But Why Should I Hire Maintenance Staff Through a Property Manager?

There are two main reasons why you should hire your maintenance staff through a professional property manager: vetting and economy of scale.

Vetted Staff

As was discussed previously, it takes a lot of time and effort to find the best and most cost-effective maintenance staff that will fulfill your needs when you manage a property in Jacksonville or anywhere else. If you’re taking this on yourself, it’s a lot of research and ultimately a process of trial and error. By hiring a property management team like Green River Property Management, you have the best maintenance resources at your fingertips. Their contractors are on speed dial, so when an emergency happens, they know who to call to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Economy of Scale and Knowledge of Cost

A property management team has two significant advantages that you as a single landlord may not: multiple properties and combined years of experience.

Economy of scale: With multiple properties, a property management team can entice the best maintenance people to work for them. By signing on with one property management team, a handyman can count on consistent work, something for which we all strive. Because of this, a maintenance team will usually provide discounts to individual repairs. As a single landlord with a sole property, you’re not able to provide stable and consistent work, making one-off repair jobs less cost-effective for the maintenance worker.

Knowledge of Cost: When you work with a property management team you gain not just your individual manager’s experience but a whole company’s worth of experience. At Green River Property Management, we pride ourselves on training our team to be experts in their local area. We know the market inside and out, and know what a repair should cost. You won't have to worry about being gouged by a local repair person just because they’re convenient. A quality property management team will know who to contact to get the best work for the best price.

Managing a property in Jacksonville is multi-faceted, requiring a lot of knowledge and skill that few people possess on their own. This is especially true when it comes to maintenance. However, if you work with a company like Green River Property Management, you'll have access to a team of experts and can rest assured that your investment is well taken care of. Contact us today and find out what other services we can provide for your property. Not ready to work with a property management company? Download our free make-ready checklist to help you manage your own investment property.

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What We Do

Professional Solutions For Maximizing Your Rental's Earning Potential


Property Marketing

Get your home rented quickly with our marketing expertise on your side. We use multiple advertising and promotional tools to spread the word to the largest possible audience of local tenants.

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Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening

Keep yourself protected against unsavory tenants who cause nonstop problems. Our application process includes detailed screening, with financial & background checks. We only place great renters.

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rent collection

rent collection

Tired of chasing after renters who don't pay on time? Let our accountants take the reins of your rental home. We send out monthly bills, collect incoming funds, and follow up on late accounts.

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Say goodbye to the maintenance headache, once and for all. Our team coordinates repairs with tenants, handle work orders and invoicing, and makes certain completed work meets our internal standards.

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property inspections

property inspections

Keep a close watch on your property's health. We schedule regular inspections for every home in our portfolio. These visits give us the chance to make certain everything is on the up and up behind the scenes.

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financial reporting

financial reporting

Want to crunch your latest numbers? Looking to review your current expenses? Sign into your online account at any time to take a look at your monthly statements & notes from our team.

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How much rent for your investment?

We help rental property owners set the perfect rental rate for their property with our free rental analysis.

  • Discover the current market value of your home.
  • Find out how to increase your annual income.
  • Learn whether your property fits our portfolio.
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"This is a solidly run company who will give you good service, advice, and help when you need it. I wouldn't use anyone else!"
- Colleen Smith
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Why Choose Green River Property Management?

Learn what makes us the perfect partner for your investment.

Healthy, Effective Communication is Our Priority.

As Jacksonville property managers, our goal is to create a healthy working relationship with every client we represent. We keep you aware of what's happening in your home and we return calls & emails quickly.

Our Team Understands the Needs of Modern Renters.

We work with tenants day in and day out, and we know what renters want to see in potential properties. We use this expertise to help our clients optimize their homes for success. Lower turnover rates & happier tenants say it all.

We Never Sacrifice Our Integrity or Commitment to You.

We build mutually-beneficial partnerships with our clients and base every interaction on our commitment to honesty and transparency. We'll never hit you with hidden fees or take advantage of you—our desire is to help you succeed, plain and simple.

Looking for Experience? You've Found It.

When it comes to rental properties in Jacksonville and the surrounding area, you won't find a more accomplished or experienced team. We've helped countless property owners over our 15-year history on Florida's First Coast.

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Excellent staff and very eager to solve my problems. For example, when the hurricane hit I was concerned about my property and right away my property was looked at with good news. Try them!
- Javier Castaneda
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Discover Jacksonville

Thinking About Investing in Real Estate in Jacksonville?

Jacksonville Property Management

The area that today is known as Jacksonville has a long history - originally inhabited for thousands of years by the Timucua people, it then became a French colony in 1564. In 1821 American settlers planned a town and named it after President Andrew Jackson.

Jacksonville grew to become the most populous city in Florida and has an estimated population of 892,000 residents. As a harbor city, it is a major military and civilian deep-water port with naval establishments like the Naval Air Station Jacksonville, the U.S. Marine Corps Blount Island Command, and the Port of Jacksonville. Jacksonville's military bases and the nearby Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay form the third largest military presence in the United States. It is also a rail, air, and highway focal point with Jacksonville International Airport serving the city.

Jacksonville enjoys natural beauty from the St. Johns River and the Atlantic Ocean and has many parks that provide access for people to boat, swim, fish, sail, jetski, surf and waterski. Several parks around the city have received international recognition.


Jacksonville is centered on the banks of the St. Johns River in the First Coast region of northeast Florida, with its residents and visitors having access to breathtaking natural views and ocean pleasures.

It has long had a regional legacy in banking and finance and Jacksonville is home to many prominent corporations and organizations, including the headquarters of four Fortune 500 companies. Other significant factors in the local economy include services such as insurance, healthcare and logistics. As with much of Florida, tourism is also an important part of Jacksonville's economy, with golf being an especially popular draw.

There are more than 500 neighborhoods within Jacksonville's vast area, with single-family homes comprising roughly 60% of the properties there and apartments 23.7%. Trends in Jacksonville show a 7% year-over-year rise in median sales prices.


We are Jacksonville property managers with a goal to create lasting, healthy relationships with our clients. More than just rent collectors, we use powerful marketing tools to make sure your property doesn't stand empty, thoroughly screen potential tenants and deal with the maintenance of your property. Our knowledgeable staff understands the needs of modern renters and have helped countless property owners over our 15-year history on Florida's First Coast. Green River also offers a free rental analysis of your property to determine how to maximize its earning potential and how to increase it.